Welcome to this WebSDR receiver (running PA3FWM dist11 software), located near Derby in central England.

It is funded, operated and maintained by the Gentlemen Of 1942, including, G8DKV, G8EBM, G3YXM, G4FPH, G0HNW, G0WVX, G4FQI, G3PXQ, G3PWS (SK), G4DLX, G8MXT, G4JFB, G1YFF, G4NIA, G4DCI. Any questions about the receiver may be sent to Mark, G4FPH. E-mail Mark

The Derby WebSDR is publicly accessible, but not listed in the WebSDR directory.

20220109: RX filters will now go super wide. Happy New Year!

More information about the WebSDR project can be found at: http://www.websdr.org.

The mobile version of this site at: http://www.1942khz.net/m.html

Note: This receiver is located in very close proximity to a number of transmitting stations in the Derby area, none more so than Martyn, G8DKV. He's so close that, given a good throw of a stone, he might hit the WebSDR antenna. Please do not mistake overload of the simple WebSDR front-end for Martyn's signal being excessively wide. I have sold my house and all my possessions to support this WebSDR. Please log off when you have finished listening to avoid me having to give sexual favours to cover ongoing bills.
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